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Dr. K. N. Nandurkar

A) Ph.D. (Mechanical) Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (2002) Thesis: Some studies on Virtual Cell Manufacturing Systems
B) M.E (Production) V. J. Technical Institute, Mumbai (1993)
Dissertation: Forecasting and Aggregate Planning of Art Material Products
C) B.E (Production) Walchand Institute of Technology, Solapur, India (Passed with First Class Distinction in 1987)
D) Registered Lead Auditor: Quality Management International (October 1999)

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Research And Student Projects

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A) UG Seminars Guided : 80

B) UG Projects Guided : 45

C) ME Projects Guided : 08

D) PhD Research Supervised

Sr. No. Name of candidate Title of thesis Status
1 Damale A. V. Computer Simulation & analysis of critical defects in manual metal arc welding Degree awarded by SP Pune University
2 Wakchaure V. D Performance Enhancement of Industries through Analysis of Integrated Manufacturing Practices Degree awarded by SP Pune University
3 Chandratre K. V Optimization of Plant layout under dynamic condition using Real Coded Genetic algorithm. Degree awarded by SP Pune University
4 Gurule N. B. Some Studies on Effect of Powder Mixed Dielectric on Machining Performance of Electric Discharge Machining (EDM) Process for Precision and Stability Degree awarded by SP Pune University
5 Relkar A. S. To improve overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) in Engineering Industries through Decision Support System (DSS) Degree awarded by SP Pune University
6 Paraskar S. S. Modeling & Analysis of demand pattern variation for footwear in case of School going Children: An anthropometric approach In progress
7 Makwana S. C. Selection of appropriate footwear in e- commerce scenario for fit & comfort: An ergonomic approach In progress
8 Jatti P. V. Analysis and optimization of productivity in Wire EDM process through different parametric combinations. In progress

E. Research projects handled as co-investigator (Sponsored by Pune University)

Sr. No. Title of project Principal Investigator Amount Rs.
1 To develop an online monitoring and controlling system using neural network for turning operation (2009- 2011) P.S. Kalos 3,00,000
2 Development of Powder Mixed Dielectric Machining (PMEDM) for nano-metric surface finish of hard-to-machine metals. (2012-2014) N.B.Gurule 3,00,000